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Successful writers recognize that there is always room for improvement. If you’re not consistently working to better your craft, you’re limiting your potential. In order to become a better writer, you need feedback.

How else would you know what to improve? However, providing actionable feedback is easier said than done.

We’ve examined dozens of online writing tools and services over the years. None adequately answer this simple question: how good is my story? This means that none can answer the next, more important question, what exactly should I do to make my story better?

That’s why we developed our Publishability Index (PI). It's a comprehensive checklist for great storytelling. It breaks the elements of storytelling down into twenty-three dimensions, each with specific criteria for “good” and “great” storytelling.

These twenty-three dimensions cover the narrative elements—character, world, conflict, theme, plot and language, which you're familiar with, as well as a new one that everyone overlooks. We call it cohesion. Cohesion evaluates how you combine elements.

We suggest using the PI to evaluate your stories and, then, to request professional feedback in the form of a PI report. Hopefully, these reports will support your evaluations, leaving you to focus on the recommendations. The reports may point to weaknesses in the way you understand your own writing, as well.

For more kind, constructive feedback, you can join a small, facilitated writing group that meets virtually twice a month.

Whether you’ve identified a weakness through your own self-evaluation, peer or professional feedback, we won’t leave you hanging. The PI links to targeted exercises for all twenty-three dimensions that allow you to drill down and improve specific aspects of your writing. We also offer live workshops and self-paced video courses that walk you through different parts of the writing process and storytelling theory.

With so many ways to improve, the path to better writing has never been clearer. Don’t let your talent go to waste. Cultivate it with Bardsy.
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“I enjoy working with Bardsy on improving my writing skills and pieces. I have learned so much about character-building, the art of setting descriptions, showing and not telling. I wrote my first fiction pieces with Bardsy and fell in like with writing fiction.” — Gloria J.

“I think Bardsy helps everyone tell better stories! We have had so much fun using the program and coming up with creative ideas to write about. It’s worked for our entire family.” — Colleen K.

“Having your honest feedback gives me motivation to continue and the desire to become a stronger writer. This is a wonderful community at Bardsy, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.” — Pamela R.

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