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Prompts and Tips

Defeat the blank page with our ever-growing selection of prompts, then hone your craft with advice we wish we heard sooner.

Most Recent Anthology

Enjoy and share the best of Bardsy in our latest anthology, inspired by the spirit of giving.

Build Your Character

Meet the star of your next great story. This kit has everything you need to create a character who practically walks—or flies—off the page.

Story Spinner

Don’t know what to write? Not anymore. Spark your creativity with a whirl of wacky prompts, each including a world, character and theme.

Master Your Craft

Uncover everything you ever wanted to know about writing. Celeste’s blog is bursting with tips and tricks that only come from decades of experience.

Revision Video

Visual learners unite! Press play on this free video about revising your writing, from our Better Storytelling course.

Explore how Bardsy supports your writing:

Creative Community

Creative Community

Behind every great writer is a great network. Count on your fellow creatives as you share feedback and engage in lively, real-time workshops and office hours.

To Celeste Davidson, at Bardsy: you built my confidence with your encouraging critiques and your belief in my writing. Bardsy is an awesome writing education community with something for everyone. from Sandshell Island
-- Pamela Raleigh.

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Integrated Resources

Technology should make writing easier, not harder. Prospero, our suite of intuitive tools, streamlines your process and works seamlessly with all our resources.

Integrated Resources

The storybuilder resource was so helpful and rewarding. I got to select different parts I wanted to develop, consult templates and previous outlines, and go from there. It allowed for my writing to flow better and have a greater sense of structure.
-- Brad W.

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Flexible Curriculum

Flexible Curriculum

Ditch the kitchen-sink approach. Our entire site revolves around a singular method, and allows you to customize a cohesive curriculum.

Each element/resource of Better Storytelling was helpful and well done. The accompanying videos are well produced and easy to follow, with concise summaries and straightforward graphics. I’m excited to start writing creatively again.
-- Chris P.

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