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"Before Bardsy, my growth as a fiction writer had stalled. Despite writing consistently, my work wasn't improving; every time I got feedback, it was essentially 'fine, but not fantastic.' With individual coaching and my writer's group, I received the direction needed to progress. Celeste's coaching is thoughtful and professional, and she clearly explains how to improve without sacrificing your voice.

Since joining Bardsy, I've placed in two fiction contests, sold a short story and am working on a novel. Best of all, my writing is improving. I'm very thankful to have found Bardsy and would recommend the program to all writers." — Alex T.

"As someone who has always loved to write but was too anxious to put my work out into the world, finding Bardsy is something I am always thankful for. The first time I published a short story to the site, I found myself engaged in constructive conversations with people who had read my work and I was hooked!

Later, having the opportunity to join a writing group gave me a chance to meet awesome people, and hone my craft. Being part of a writing group keeps me motivated and focused on my writing goals. It has even helped me grow the confidence I needed to start querying literary agents, getting me one step closer to my lifelong goal of becoming a published author." — Courtney K.
"I always wanted to write a novel, but the entire process felt daunting. I had an idea, but didn’t have the confidence to approach a full novel. I was sending stories out all over the place and getting nothing but rejection slips. I had no idea how to improve my writing skills. But then I found Bardsy.

The Character Anthology Contest gave me the opportunity to explore my characters and receive actionable feedback to help me improve. Since the contest, I’ve written 45,000 words, and I’ve noticed my writing has improved with every chapter thanks to the feedback from my writing group. If you’re feeling stuck and losing confidence in your writing, I highly recommend Bardsy." — Nicholas D.

"Bardsy is a positive supportive group of people who love to write. It's a great place to learn how to write or improve your writing no matter what level you are at. It is an outlet where you know you are going to have people read your writing." — Lori B.

"Whether you are a brand new writer learning how to get your thoughts on paper, want a venue to express yourself, or you are a more experienced writer like me who is trying to hone their skills and make that craft the best you can, Bardsy has something for you." — Albert W.

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