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"Before Bardsy, my growth as a fiction writer had stalled. Despite writing consistently, my work wasn't improving; every time I got feedback, it was essentially 'fine, but not fantastic.' With individual coaching and my writer's group, I received the direction needed to progress. Celeste's coaching is thoughtful and professional, and she clearly explains how to improve without sacrificing your voice.

Since joining Bardsy, I've placed in two fiction contests, sold a short story and am working on a novel. Best of all, my writing is improving. I'm very thankful to have found Bardsy and would recommend the program to all writers." — Alex T.

"As someone who has always loved to write but was too anxious to put my work out into the world, finding Bardsy is something I am always thankful for. The first time I published a short story to the site, I found myself engaged in constructive conversations with people who had read my work and I was hooked!

Later, having the opportunity to join a writing group gave me a chance to meet awesome people, and hone my craft. Being part of a writing group keeps me motivated and focused on my writing goals. It has even helped me grow the confidence I needed to start querying literary agents, getting me one step closer to my lifelong goal of becoming a published author." — Courtney K.

"This is a wonderful community at Bardsy, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Its been instrumental in shaping my soon-to-be-released book, Finding Davy. My writing group offered honest feedback and continual encouragement as I wrote, rewrote, revised, and polished the manuscript. Their input helped me prepare it for querying, and I landed a publisher. I've benefited tremendously from their input and couldn't imagine my next book without them!" — Pamela R.

"On a whim I wrote my first short story. Not long after that I found Bardsy. Two Holiday Anthologies later, I’ve tackled a novella and scripted a radio play among countless short stories. Bardsy writing groups provide encouraging peer feedback. I respect the Bardsy professionals’ critical perspective and the analysis tools they have developed. I would not be writing a novel today were it not for Bardsy." — David D.

"There are serendipitous encounters that result in deflecting life’s course for the better. Coming across Bardsy’s Dreamcatcher Contest during the pandemic was one such event. I had always loved to write but never considered myself as a serious writer, definitely not one who could complete an entire book that had publishing possibilities. Entering the contest—and winning—changed my perspective. The introduction to Bardsy’s world of writing opportunities, anthologies and peer feedback put me on a literary course that I have come to love.

Bardsy’s founders, Adam and Celeste, have significant experience in the literary world and have provided me with valuable guidance. The writing groups at all levels at Bardsy provide advice in an environment that encourages writers while at the same time providing feedback in a positive manner. I have made my way in a couple of years from a novice short story group to one where everyone is working on a book that they want to publish.

I would highly encourage writers at all levels to visit Bardsy and explore their various offerings. As a writer who is currently working on her second book in as many years, I am very thankful that I have Bardsy in my corner. — Kalpana R.
"I always wanted to write a novel, but the entire process felt daunting. I had an idea, but didn’t have the confidence to approach a full novel. I was sending stories out all over the place and getting nothing but rejection slips. I had no idea how to improve my writing skills. But then I found Bardsy.

The Character Anthology Contest gave me the opportunity to explore my characters and receive actionable feedback to help me improve. Since the contest, I’ve written 45,000 words, and I’ve noticed my writing has improved with every chapter thanks to the feedback from my writing group. If you’re feeling stuck and losing confidence in your writing, I highly recommend Bardsy." — Nicholas D.

"Bardsy is a positive supportive group of people who love to write. It's a great place to learn how to write or improve your writing no matter what level you are at. It is an outlet where you know you are going to have people read your writing." — Lori B.

"Whether you are a brand new writer learning how to get your thoughts on paper, want a venue to express yourself, or you are a more experienced writer like me who is trying to hone their skills and make that craft the best you can, Bardsy has something for you." — Albert W.

"I think Bardsy helps everyone tell better stories! We have had so much fun using the program and coming up with creative ideas to write about. It’s worked for our entire family." — Colleen K.

"My experience with Bardsy has been wonderful. Not only was I able to achieve a long-sought-after goal of having one of my stories published as an anthology winner, but the feedback I have received from the two contests I have entered has been invaluable. As an Elite workshop member, I receive guidance from their exceptional editorial staff and my fellow writing peers. The workshop is fun to participate in and helps me with focus, content and deadlines." — Christine R.

"As I grew older, I found that it became more difficult to participate in writing classes and/or writing groups. I had been published several times over the course of my varied career and I had become complacent. I was frustrated until I came across Bardsy.

In joining Bardsy, I discovered a different approach to my writing. My facilitator and group members are very supportive. Their comments have been valuable in developing a writing approach that accomplishes what I want to say. I’ve found a new voice. I need to add that I am computer illiterate but they are always there to help. I recommend this organization for its professionalism, its attention to nurturing the writing personality and its ability to coordinate needs: education and camaraderie. And yes, we writers need both." — Lillian H.

"I found Bardsy when I was at a loss with my writing. I knew I wanted to write and that I had stories inside, but I had lost all motivation and direction. With Bardsy I found the motivation and resources to help me get out of my rut. I have really enjoyed the bi-weekly writing groups. They have held me accountable and kept me writing. I love getting feedback from the people in my group. It has helped me to grow and improve my writing. I have finally found the writing community that is supportive and helps writers grow." — Jessica F.
Writing workshops are ubiquitous, but they can be a hassle or worse, unproductive. We’ve reinvented workshopping by focusing on the group.

First, we assess your needs and select your group with care, aiming for the perfect blend of perspectives, personalities and processes. Across our many groups, the key constant is dedication, and your peers know helping you leads to their own success.

Then, we add a qualified facilitator. Without one, a workshop group devolves into chaos. Our trained facilitators - accomplished authors who have been where you are—keep the discussion on track, extract the most constructive feedback and add their own, hard-won wisdom to the conversation.

Groups are kept small, six people max, so everyone can receive individual attention. This also allows members to form close bonds, which can last a lifetime. You can count on your group to be with you for the long haul, whether you’re working on your first book or your tenth.

You haven’t experienced everything a workshop group can be—and all it can do for you—until you’ve tried Bardsy.
When you join Bardsy, you’ll be matched with your own personal coach, an accomplished professional and a mentor invested in your success. Together, you'll formulate and continually update a manageable action plan and follow through to execute it.

We offer two tiers of coaching. Our Standard package includes regular check-ins. You and your coach will email to ensure you are steadily progressing towards your goals. They’ll offer advice and encouragement whenever you get stuck.

For more access to your coach, our Elite package includes live monthly meetings. These meetings are invaluable opportunities to discuss anything and everything related to your writing life, from your current work and process to your career.

For our Elite members, since your coach is also the facilitator of your workshop group, they’ll get to know you and your work on a deeper level. This allows them to offer the exact type of support you need during private coaching sessions.

Wherever you are in your journey as a writer, you can bet that your coach has walked the same walk on their path to success. They have the expertise to lay out your path and dedication to help you every step of the way.
Do you have your own website for your writing? You should.

Whether you're published or just starting out, an author website is indispensable. It’s an opportunity to credibly brand yourself and expand your readership. The sooner you establish your online presence the better the SEO, making it easier for you to find your audience.

Creating a website can be difficult and expensive. Worse, generic templates from common hosts don't have the features and designs authors need. Our package includes an easy-to-build webpage, designed just for authors, with specialized templates that you can customize to suit your needs and style.
We promise you'll have your author site up in thirty minutes or less. If not, contact live support: (213) 465-0885, and we’ll walk you through it. Then, rely on your personal coach for substantive feedback as you make it unique. Features include your bio, links to purchase your books and find you on social media, downloadable samples, your blog, email collection and more—everything a writer should have.Then, share your website using your own domain, a URL with your name, or almost anything else, in your link.
To be the best writer, you need the best resources. Fortunately, you don’t need to scour the internet for them: our integrated, comprehensive collection can't be beat.

Our Publishability Index pinpoints your stories' strengths and weaknesses, highlighting a path to greatness. The product of decades of experience and research, this unique tool assesses your story across 23 dimensions that cover every aspect of storytelling, from traditional items, like character and plot, to aspects no one else has thought about, like cohesion.

Once you identify a challenging dimension, click right into a targeted exercise. These carefully calibrated lessons drill down into a specific aspect of your writing. You can also rely on our self-paced, interactive video courses to build a complete foundation.

You should have much more than a grammar checker and a haphazard collection of handouts in your writer’s toolkit. From our Story Builder system of integrated templates to our idea-generating Story Spinner, we make your process easier than ever, one resource at a time.
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