Motivate Resistant Writers

Resistance is No Match For Bardsy

Does your learner avoid writing at all costs? It’s more common than you might think: many middle and high school learners wrestle with writing—but not anymore!

Say goodbye to resistance with easy-to-understand concepts, fun and helpful tools and step-by-step guidance that increase motivation while sparking creativity.

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You’re not Alone: Every Parent Encounters Some Form of Resistance

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"My kid hates writing." Unfortunately, we hear this from parents all the time. Studies show that many learners struggle with the executive function processes involved in writing. They often have trouble getting started because they feel overwhelmed, while some have issues grasping mechanics and organization. Still others have difficulty developing thoughts fluently.
Pushback from your learner doesn’t have to feel insurmountable. What is perceived as resistance or even laziness is actually a child in need of more concrete support. We offer a way through that results in a more pleasant experience for both you and your learner.

Overcome Your Unique Learners Reason for Resistance

All resistance is not created equal. There are many causes of resistance to learning, and every reluctant writer has their own. Maybe they lack self-confidence, or are confused about where to start. The first step is to get to the root of their resistance.
Once you identify this core issue, you can breathe a sigh of relief: because we know exactly how to resolve it. Our approach instills self-confidence, a solid understanding of the story writing process, and much more. Whatever the reason behind their resistance, we can work through it together!
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Bardsy Brings Out The Storyteller in Your Reluctant Writer

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Even if your learner claims to loathe writing, they are natural storytellers—we all are. The question is how to best bring that out of them. Our approach breaches the wall between your child and writing to make them realize how rewarding this craft can be.
Our interactive courses, taught by acclaimed author and educator Celeste Davidson, celebrate stories as vehicles for self-expression and creativity, and simplify writing into two steps: develop and assemble. Fun writing prompts, brainstorming activities and interactive templates make it easy for them expand story elements in whatever order motivates them, while tools make it easy to play around with their work.

Your Learner will Redefine their Relationship with Writing — and Enjoy It, Guaranteed

Writing is a highly individual process that requires an equally individual approach. At Bardsy, your learner’s entire experience revolves around what interests them. When they develop their own process in this way, they discover the joy of writing.
The Bardsy Method gives young writers the latitude to jump into the writing process wherever they want, while offering structure and a clear path to a well-written story. Our research shows just how successful this innovative combination of self-direction and structure can be for resistant writers.
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