Satisfy Eager Learners

Advanced Kids Need Advanced Programs

Your bright child is above average. Don’t give them the same average curriculum as everyone else. We free your learner from the limits of traditional writing education so they can take their aptitude and run with it.

As the Bard says, the world is your oyster (or clam!).

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Hit a Dead End with Archaic Programs? Bardsy is Your Solution

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Since teachers have to teach for the mean student level, where does that leave your advanced child? Staring out the window, bored out of their mind—because they’ve already hit the ceiling of what the lesson has to offer. For them, the classroom is "as tedious as a twice-told tale, vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man".
Studies show that bright students struggle with engagement in the classroom, often feeling disconnected from both the curriculum and their peers. Don’t let your learner slip through the cracks! Our curriculum for gifted kids offers the more challenging environment they otherwise lack.

Only You and Your Learner Should be in Charge of their Growth

Regular creative writing curriculum falls short of what your budding wordsmith needs: independence. When you and your learner take charge of your education with Bardsy, you’re allowing them to control their growth too. Our flexible curriculum allows them to go at their own pace.
What you need is online curriculum that welcomes your learner’s aptitude, rather than stifles it, and gives them autonomy to pursue their potential in whatever way feels natural to them.
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Bardsy’s Customizable Approach Meets Your Child's Unique Needs

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It would be unfair to stick your eager writer in a classroom with peers who have no interest in writing whatsoever. Such generalized approaches don’t take into account what your learner brings to the table. We designed our writing curriculum to accommodate their enthusiasm, unique needs and prior knowledge.
Writing is a highly personal process—and what works for one may not work for another. Based on this understanding, the Bardsy Method offers your learner latitude to dive into the writing process wherever they want, while offering structure and a clear path to a well-written story. Research shows that eager writers benefit greatly from this approach.

The Sky's the Limit: Uncap Your Super Talented Writer’s Potential

No longer will your learner be held back by a teacher, curriculum or their peers. Surprisingly, very little rigorous academic research has been devoted to teaching the creative writing process—that is, until Bardsy. What we discovered is that conventional writing education puts a limit on how far your learner can go.
As both academics and published authors, we apply decades of research and experience to developing curious, creative and independent writers. It’s what we do best. Our research-based method focuses on building on your learner’s strengths and developing the rest in interesting and innovative ways.
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