Bardsy's Writing Courses

The Most Efficient Way to Upgrade Your Work

Go way beyond listening and taking notes in our courses as you actively construct stories using the Bardsy Method.

Co-founder Celeste Davidson shares the insights and tips she’s gained over twenty years as a successful author, educator and now researcher.

Bardsy's self-paced courses are delivered in bite-sized modules. Learn to analyze and discuss any story; leave with concrete gains in your writing.

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Press Play to Advance Your Work

Whether you’re a visual learner or don’t have the time to sit through a lengthy course, our bite-sized videos (under ten minutes!) are just what you’re looking for. Watch award-winning author Celeste Davidson expand on important writing techniques like outlining and revision and explain how you can put them to use in your own work.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, huge swathes of our courses are non-linear. In other words, you choose where to start and how quickly to progress. Based on your individual aptitudes and goals, custom-build your curriculum from our exercise catalogue. It’s completely up to you. You can also revisit previous targeted exercises anytime you like. Now that’s flexibility!

Ease into Storytelling With Writing Warmup

Walk before you run: this introductory course walks you through every step of the writing process. It’s the ideal way for beginners to stretch their writing muscles and familiarize themselves with Bardsy’s one-of-a-kind approach.
Writing Warmup takes a magic wand to the writing experience, by using the classic fairytale of Cinderella as a model. You’ll learn how to identify the five essential story elements, then create your own twist on this classic with a fun, fill-in-the-blank interactive template. It’s the perfect way to get the “ball” rolling!

Analyze and Comment Like a Pro with Story Talk

Discussing stories, especially your own, multiplies the benefits of reading and writing. These conversations help deepen social skills while building confidence, respect and empathy. Stories also open us up to the wider world, as we consider a variety of perspectives.
In Story Talk, we explore how to analyze, discuss and critique any (and we mean any!) story. You’ll find yourself thinking more deeply about different story elements and their interactions, as well as how vital the connection is between reader and writer. Importantly, you’ll be able to think more critically about your own work too.

UnleashYour Writing Potential with Better Storytelling

No one is born an amazing writer. It takes hard work, determination and guidance from more experienced writers. Every writer faces challenges. Maybe you’re not sure how to start a story. Or how to revise.
Full of tips and tricks to master the craft of storytelling, Better Storytelling offers a roadmap to successful writing and shows you how to overcome any blocks. It’s guaranteed to bring out and nurture your inner bard!
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