The Bardsy Method: Our Unique Approach to Writing

Writing methods run from scribbling on index cards to hanging upside down (yes, really) 1 We have a better approach. The Bardsy Method breaks storytelling down into two complementary steps: develop and assemble.

To put this theory into practice, we devised tools you won’t find anywhere else, featuring the Bardsy Storywheel and Prospero, our AI story wizard. We’ve spent years testing and refining our technique, and it’ll work for you, and your learner too!

The Bardsy Method minimizes your child's struggles
Writing could be, well, torture: holding back tears as your trash bin overflows and you wonder why you’re even trying. Perfectionism, fear of rejection and the dreaded blank page often wreak havoc before you pen a single word.
Our method eases those frustrations, so you can unleash your potential. Smash through obstacles with our fail-safe tools and resources and swap out that frustration for something much better—personal growth and fun.
Step one: Develop your thoughts with our Storywheel
As we pored over stories from the Iliad through Don Quixote to Beloved, we got to thinking. While unique, virtually every narrative contains the same five basic elements: characters, storyworld, conflict, plot and theme. Obvious, right? And yet we often forget it. That’s why we put the elements at the center of our approach and Storywheel, your gateway to a variety of resources like deep dives and helpful templates.
The Storywheel also reveals a deep truth about the process: you can begin anywhere. Your learner starts with whichever element piques their interest, such as a time traveler, deserted island, case of sibling rivalry, journey home or exploration of courage. Their ideas will blossom as the rest comes into focus. Once they have gone—literally—full circle, they will have the building blocks of a great story.
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Step two: Assemble your story with Prospero, our AI wizard
Unlike that Ikea bookcase, assembly is included. Named after the magical character of Prospero in The Tempest, our writing wizard is there to help organize and develop elements and turn their story into “such stuff as dreams are made on.” It’s the budding writer’s dream come true!
As your learner’s personal writing coach, Prospero is equal parts favorite teacher and best friend, guiding the way while simultaneously standing at their side to push them to succeed. And because we are also writers ourselves, we designed this tool to help them move forward when they—inevitably—get stuck.
A boring method is as useless as a pen without ink
Good news: “boring” isn’t in our vocabulary! We made our technique enjoyable because we know everyone learns more effectively when they have fun — so you don’t have to drag your learner kicking and screaming through the school year. We strive to create an engaging, age-appropriate and challenging space.
To that end, we developed tools like our Story Spinner that encourage a playful writing approach. With this quirky prompt generator, spin for over 9,000 different (sometimes hilarious) combinations of character, world and theme ideas.
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