The Bardsy Method

Our Unique Approach to Writing

At the heart of Bardsy is our method, perfected by best-selling authors and seasoned educators after years of research and testing.

Whether you’re an established author, a beginner or anywhere in between, you’ll be unstoppable once you adopt this straightforward but powerful approach.

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The Bardsy Method Turns Your Struggles into Success

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For some, writing is torture. Perfectionism, fear of rejection and the dreaded blank page often wreak havoc before a single word is written. Foil those fears, so you can reach your potential, with the Bardsy Method.
    We’ll show you how to:
  • Recognize and assess writing challenges
  • Shift gears instead of giving up
  • Persevere to complete every story

Step One: Develop Your Thoughts with Our Storywheel

Virtually every narrative contains the same five elements: characters, storyworld, conflict, plot and theme. Our Storywheel highlights these elements as it centers our approach, and provides a gateway to myriad integrated resources.
It also captures two deep truths about the writing process. First, you can, and should, begin with whatever piques your interest. Second, story elements are interconnected and develop in a non-linear fashion.
    Our Storywheel drives:
  • Wide-ranging and productive brainstorms
  • Deep dives into key elements
  • A motivating foundation for work
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Step Two: Assemble Your Story with Prospero, Our Writing Helper

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Unlike that Ikea bookcase, assembly is included. Named for the magical character of Prospero from The Tempest, our writing wizard helps you organize and develop story elements, and turn the writing process into "such stuff as dreams are made on." As your omnipresent personal coach, Prospero provides ways to get unstuck and move forward.
    For example, when facing a block you can:
  • Elaborate on a favorite element
  • Rethink one element's connection with another
  • Examine alternate arrangements side by side and pick the best

A Boring Method is as Useful as a Dull Pencil

The most effective writing methods are also fun. That’s no coincidence! It’s easier for you to make real progress when you’re having a good time. We strive to create an engaging yet challenging space and a playful approach to writing. And while our website is nifty, interaction between kind, constructive peers is essential. The bottom line: our online writing community nurtures growth.
    Bardsy provides:
  • Elegant tools
  • Illuminating discussions
  • Inspiring peers and mentors
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to do notes journal Tracking Update Assessment

Add tasks to your sortable list, then revel in checking them off.

Cache your gems in your virtual scratch pad.

Reflect on your process — good, bad and ugly — in your dated diary.

Measure your progress with key writing metrics, automatically,
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