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Complete Your Storytelling Toolkit

Like any master craftsperson, a great writer uses quality tools. Imagine how great a writer you’ll become when you have the best tools in the biz at your disposal.

Don’t spin your wheels. Upgrade your writing experience!

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Finally, an Ideal Writing Environment for You

Our Story Editor strikes just the right balance, unlike other writing platforms that either provide only a blank page or cramp your writing style with too many features. Streamlined and distraction-free, we promise our editor will be your new favorite way to write. But it’s not just any old editor.
There’s a magical capability built right in that allows you to flip back and forth to Prospero, our writing helper, whenever you like. You’re also always just a click away from submitting your story to our curated library or our current anthology. And did we mention that you’ll never have to worry about losing a word as our editor saves automatically?

Never Lose a Precious Thought as You Organize Your Way to Success

It wasn’t until that thirty-ninth Post-it, stuck on the wall above the office coffee maker, that we realized there had to be a better way to store writing-related notes. All it takes is one missing "note to self" to sour the writing experience.
Will.power is a four-in-one organizer, with a place for everything. Think of it as your designated back burner, where you can let ideas simmer while you focus on other parts of your story. When you need to access the deets, your to-do list, notes, journal and tracking appear on every page.

No Writer Should Read Without This System by Their Side

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As writers, we don’t just read stories—we think about them in terms of our own writing. Don’t let your literary musings fall by the wayside. Store them in your personal bookshelf, where you can log the titles you read and jot down notes about favorites for future reference.
You can also keep track of your reading wishlist, check out what others are reading and join a book club (or three).

See Your Hard Work Pay Off: Track Your Progress and Share Your Writing Portfolio

Just like revisiting your high school yearbook, it's pretty sweet to look back, now and then, to see how very far you've come. Your Activity Tracker automatically records your word count, and data on how you spend your time, so you can hold yourself accountable and set goals.
Ready to share your work? Do so with your personalized writing portfolio, which showcases all your accomplishments, or you can send your stories to your family, friends and colleges.
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to do notes journal Tracking
Click a tab to use Will.Power,
a suite of utilities to get and keep you writing.
Your sortable list, dated by any change. Check them off when done!

Your scratchpad. It saves edits, automatically.

Your dated diary.

Automatically records and dates the number of words you write and the time you spend in Bardsy's STORY EDITOR. If you use other apps, input these metrics manually.
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