We get it—sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Here you can catch the magic of Bardsy in action.

In just a few minutes, sample some actual video lessons and writing tools, including Prospero and our Story Spinner. So sit back, press play and envision your child’s bright, storied future.

Build better stories more easily (and calmly)
Watch how Prospero, our writing helper, transforms built-in interactive templates into building blocks for your learner to develop. No abracadabra necessary. With a seamless transition to our editor, it’s a wonder stories were ever written another way.
We have story ideas galore for your learner
For one example, see our member favorite: the Story Spinner. Unexpected writing prompts are just a click away—and your learner can keep clicking until they find one that makes them excited to dive in. Once they're ready to hit the ground running, enter a title and your child is off to Prospero to start writing
Printables are your learner's blueprint for success
You’ll have the most resourceful house on the block with all our content at your fingertips. This video shows how you can select a category based on a story element (world, character, conflict, theme or plot) and then pick writing worksheets to complete digitally or print.
Clean up your child’s headspace to make room for creativity
Organization is any good writer’s sidekick. Watch how our hot tray features dedicated space for a to-do list, notes, personal journal and calendar. All this helps your learner stay on track while expanding their organizing and reflective skills.