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Stories are the currency of human connection. Through stories, we exchange ideas and grow as we empower ourselves and others.

While there are no "secrets" to great writing, we've embraced practices that benefit our members, from beginners to published authors and everyone in between. This experience underlies everything at Bardsy.

Shakespeare as the Thinker

You Don’t Have to Suffer to be a Great Writer

There are many ways to start writing
Keep our Storywheel in mind as you flesh out story elements in any order you wish. And for goodness sake, begin with what interests you most! For example, you might want to start with an intriguing character or a fascinating storyworld. It doesn’t matter where you start; the important thing is that you start somewhere. Remember, “Nothing will come of nothing.”
There's always a way to get unstuck
Our Storywheel's shape connotes both the non-linearity and dynamic nature of our approach. At any point, you have choices about what to do next. For example, you can elaborate on an element or move forward in assembly. This structure also allows anyone to step in with advice and encouragement.

As You Like It: Embrace What Works for You

Tools are a means to an end
If a tool doesn’t actually help your writing, then what’s the point? Prospero, our unique writing helper system, manifests our method. Its range of integrated templates follows from our coherent approach while supplying a single interface to help you organize your work and complete a first draft.
You define the meaning of progress
While Bardsy offers a virtual buffet of writing tools, everything is optional. Use one tool, every tool or none at all. Everyone has their own unique writing process and specific reasons for wanting to write better. Similarly, progress is subjective. Define it in whatever way makes sense to you, and we’ll help you get there.

The Play’s The Thing, So Have Fun!

Fun and learning go hand in hand not one before another
Boring writing experiences produce boring stories. Not only do you learn more effectively when you’re having fun, but it reflects in your work. We strive to create an engaging environment for you, where you can grow as a writer, thinker and human being in ways that don’t feel like work.
Community nurtures growth
Though our website is nifty, it's the interaction between kind, constructive peers that counts. At Bardsy, we continually reinforce our members' natural desire to help one another with community rules and verification so you’ll feel comfortable sharing with other writers.
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Add tasks to your sortable list, then revel in checking them off.

Cache your gems in your virtual scratch pad.

Reflect on your process — good, bad and ugly — in your dated diary.

Measure your progress with key writing metrics, automatically,
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