Meet Prospero (plus Tools to Make Your Job Easier)

Do you need a quick lesson plan, or would you prefer a comprehensive curriculum? Look no further. While we may not believe in magic, we do believe in flexibility. Our building blocks approach breaks the writing process down into manageable bits and puts your learner in charge of their development.

Pick and choose from our tools and resources to fit your needs!

Our tools and content adapt to you and your learner at every step
We rejoice in choice. This stems from an understanding that one size doesn’t fit all—especially in pants and writing methods! Select individual lessons and supplementary resources by topic, as many as you want. Our à la carte approach allows you to custom - build curriculum just right for your learner.
Prospero guides, motivates or supports your learner, as needed
What do you get when you put a love of stories and an AI writing coach together? Prospero’s the name. Organizing and developing ideas into beautiful stories is the game. With Prospero, easily save all your work in one place and turn it into building blocks you can add, delete, change and rearrange to your heart’s content. In go the story elements and—presto—out comes everything they need to make a first draft!
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Video courses and lessons breathe life into writing for your learner
But wait! There’s more: bite-sized videos (under 10 minutes!) led by award-winning author Celeste Davidson expand on important techniques like outlining and assembly. Then, our worksheets, templates and activities give them everything they need to explore story elements.
The best part is you and your learner choose where to start and how quickly to progress. With notes for parents too, you can understand the activities and goals and mindfully choose lessons that help guide your learner.
Live workshops and office hours supply face-to-face interaction
We love the written word, but sometimes there’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation. We welcome your learner at our live workshops, where they learn by doing under the tutelage of an expert and alongside peers. We also offer virtual office hours, so they can pop in and talk about all things writing on a first-come, first-served basis.