Love Your Day as Your Learner grows

Do you need a quick lesson plan, or would you prefer a comprehensive curriculum? Look no further. While we may not believe in magic, we do believe in flexibility. Our building blocks approach breaks the writing process down into manageable bits and puts your learner in charge of their development.

We know progress can mean many things, so all our features are optional. Learners can use one tool or every tool. What matters is progress as defined by you and your learner together. Pick and choose from our interactive tools and homeschooling resources to fit your needs!

Let Prospero® guide, motivate and support your child

What do you get when you put a love of stories and an AI writing coach together? Prospero’s the name. Organizing and developing ideas into beautiful stories is the game. Now you can easily save all your work in one place and turn it into building blocks you can add, delete, change and rearrange to your heart’s content. An array of built-in templates designed to round out any idea ensures your learner is never at a loss for direction—or words.
Prospero lights the way to successful story writing from start to finish. In go the elements of a story, and, presto, out comes everything they need to make a first draft! Then, seamlessly switch back and forth between Prospero and our story editor until everything is just right.
With Prospero, your learner will:
  • Organize their ideas
  • Develop their story elements
  • Polish their rough draft into a masterpiece

Never run out of story ideas!

Is your child unsure what to write? Coming up with an idea is the first challenge many writers face. But have no fear—we’ve got an amusing solution. With our quirky story prompt generator, your learner can spin for combinations of character, world and theme ideas. And because there are over 9,000 different (sometimes hilarious) story prompts, the possibilities are endless.
You didn’t think we’d stop there, did you? More fun writing prompts are also included on a variety of our worksheets and offered during our occasional thematic challenges. Everywhere you look, we are bursting with ideas for your learner!
Your child will be inspired by:
  • Our Story Spinner
  • Integrated worksheet prompts
  • Bonus writing challenges

Your new secret weapon: creative writing worksheets and lessons

When it comes to finding resources that keep your child on task, it shouldn’t take extensive planning and searching. Cut out the prep time with our downloadable worksheets, and enrich your child’s lesson plans with ease. Since all our resources are interconnected within the same curriculum, the transition from computer to paper is smooth and the actual material integrated.
Full of writing exercises that stimulate your child’s mind, our common core worksheets dive deeper into story elements and then direct your learner to imagine their own. Parents swear our printables keep their children focused and engaged unlike any other!
With our worksheets, your learner will:
  • Understand the elements of a good story
  • Analyze how they connect
  • Create their own

Video lessons and courses breathe life into writing for your learner

Ditch the textbook. Your learner will much prefer our bite-sized videos (under 10 minutes!), where award-winning author Celeste Davidson expands on important storytelling techniques like outlining and assembly. The best part is you and your learner choose where to start and how quickly to progress. You can also revisit previous lessons anytime you like. Now that’s flexible learning!
But wait, there’s more: our lessons include notes for parents too, so you can actually understand the intent behind activities on a deeper level. Custom-build your ideal curriculum by mindfully choosing ones that best suit your learner.
Our lessons will teach your child to:
  • Outline a story plot
  • Assemble story elements
  • And much, much more!