Integrated Writing Resources

Equip Yourself to Succeed

You wouldn’t try to build a house without tools—don’t build a story without them either! As both writing professionals and educators, we took a step back and thought about how we could improve the writing experience.

Then we developed, tested and perfected our innovative Story Builder, Story Spinner, templates and curriculum. Now, we can't imagine telling stories or teaching storytelling any other way. Writing has never been easier!

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Optimize Your Writing Process with a Unique Toolkit

What’s the point of online writing tools anyway? Simply put, they’re meant to make your life easier. Basic writing instruments like pen and paper (or styli and clay tablets) are good, but they don’t organize your notes by date, save your work automatically or offer much support when you’re stuck.
Having said that, if a tool isn’t making your life easier, it’s not doing its job. A feature meant to save you time in outlining your writing shouldn’t waste more time in the process as you struggle to understand how it works. To save you that trouble, we put serious thought into our tools to make sure they're genuinely helpful and intuitive.

Use Prospero to Blast through Your Blocks

Challenges are inevitable throughout the writing process, but we like to think of them as opportunities. All you need is a little help to push your ideas in the right direction. That’s where Prospero comes in. Our wiz of a writing helper shows you how to work around blocks to make your story even stronger.
Perhaps you’re struggling with how to resolve your story’s conflict. Prospero encourages you to move on to a different element, such as character. Then, while you’re dreaming up your character’s amazing superpowers—eureka!—you discover a resolution tied into X-ray vision. Wasn't that easy?
Prospero blasting

Know No Fear! Our Prompt Generators Vanquish Blank Pages

Unsure what to write? Coming up with an idea is the first obstacle many writers face. Don’t worry; we’ve got several solutions. For example, our story idea generator offers quirky combinations of character, world and theme. With over 9,000 different (and counting) story prompts, the possibilities are endless.
But that's not all! More fun writing prompts are included on many of our templates and offered during our occasional thematic challenges. We are bursting with ways to jumpstart your creativity!

Use Integrated Templates to Channel Your Ideas into a First Draft

Don't look far and wide for good writing templates—they're right here! Our targeted organizers, focused on story elements from conflict to theme, put you on the fast track to better writing. Just fill in the blanks and—voila!—you'll have ideas ready for further development. Warning: side effects include impeccable organization and an absence of gnarly plot holes.
The best part is that our templates don’t stand alone. All our writing resources have a place within the Bardsy Method's architecture. For example, you can learn about storyworlds, fill in a corresponding template or two and, then, move back and forth between your templates and the Story Editor to finish your masterpiece.

Add tasks to your sortable list, then revel in checking them off.

Cache your gems as the fall in this always accessible place.

Reflect on your process — good, bad and ugly — in your dated diary.

Measure your progress with key writing metrics, automatically,
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