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Along Your Learner's Journey

With Bardsy, your child is never alone—and neither are you. What sets us apart is that we support both your learner and the role you play in their success.

Together, united under the common goal of ensuring your learner shines, we make a great team.

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Writing is a Craft Your Child Can Master with the Right Program

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Unsure how to teach writing? Even highly trained English educators find it difficult to instruct on creative writing. Due to its inherently subjective nature, it differs from other material, and can be particularly challenging. Unless, of course, your approach is based on the process rather than the end product.
Celeste Davidson, a successful writer and educator, created the Bardsy Method to do just that: focus on the process. It shows learners how to identify and develop key story elements and assemble them, one step at a time. It follows that if the process is strong, the product will be as well. When your child excels at writing, they are set to excel at life.

Your Comprehensive Platform, Batteries Included

When we developed our comprehensive curriculum, we thought of everything. Our resources are meant to inform and guide your learner through the total process from start to finish, so they never feel left on their own.
We are especially proud of our integrated system, which revolves around the central premise of development and assembly. There is—literally—nothing else like it. Whether you want to jumpstart your learner’s writing of a simple story or support them as they take a deep dive into the joyful practice of creative writing, we have the tools to make it possible.

The Bardsy Method Offers Common Language to Put you and Your Learner on the Same Page

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Many problems boil down to communication. Conversations about writing can turn sour fast. It’s difficult to step in and offer guidance if you’re unsure of the process and where they are in it. This can cause frustration, and missed opportunities, on both sides.
The Bardsy Method takes the guesswork out of teaching your child. A common framework for understanding the process of creative writing makes it easy to aid your learner, cheerlead successes, and constructively scaffold development in areas that might need further attention. We help your child learn, but we also help you teach!

Help is a Click Away, Whenever You Need it

Questions? Concerns? Want to vent about your finicky printer? Our door is always open. Because our mission is to support you in whatever way we can, we are accessible during office hours or via email and phone. Whether you’re having a technical difficulty or have a question about a particular lesson, don’t hesitate to reach out.
We didn’t just create our creative writing curriculum to put it out there and forget it. We’re committed to ensuring you and your child get the most out of it. Think of us as your teaching assistant. When your learner is writing, you are happy, and we’re happy!
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