Our Approach to Creative Writing

The Bardsy Method supports beginning and resistant writers, using existing strengths and interests as a springboard. It also provides advanced writers the structure and metacognitive tools needed to critically assess their work and unleash their potential.

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Writing doesn’t have to be hard
Every bit of Bardsy is designed to get learners writing, keep them writing and help them write better. We encourage writers to start every story at the easiest point of departure, and we deliver tools to overcome obstacles when they, inevitably, get stuck. We believe in momentum and good habits but not in rigidity, certain that everyone eventually finds a process that works for them.
Our Storywheel Provides a Universal Framework
Every story is unique but all share a handful of common elements: storyworld, characters themes conflict and plot. This model embodied in our Story Wheel serves as a central visual metaphor and a unifying, non-linear framework that helps learners read, write, and discuss stories of all kinds.
Our Two-Step Process Minimizes Struggle
Once familiar with the Storywheel, you will begin to see that writing is a process of development and assembly. With the Bardsy Method, your learner will move back and forth between these two, starting with whatever inspires them, and building from there. Every course, workshop, handout, and interactive tool is designed to spark and support learners with this premise in mind.
Our Tech Supports The Writer at Every Step
Bardsy's Story Builder is an online tool that helps the learner develop and assemble stories using essential “building blocks.” As learners manipulate these blocks they experience a sense of creative writing’s endless possibilities.