Creative Writing's Value

At Bardsy we love a great story. We also know that creative writing can be the key to success across nearly every area of our student’s lives.

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Stories are essential to learning
At Bardsy, we believe stories are essential to understanding ourselves and our world. Young people who enjoy, create and share stories evolve into empowered individuals and engaged citizens. This is not a novel view, but it is an essential one. Yet, many school districts forget this simple truth in the rush to meet standards and teach to the test.
Writing Helps Kids In All Areas
We often think of creative writing as a bonus when it comes to our children’s education. Sure, it’s fun and imaginative, but research shows that learners who enjoy creative writing generally show improvement in other subjects as well - including math and science.
Writing enhances confidence via self-expression
When learners exercise creativity and imagination in writing stories they improve their ability to problem solve and determine alternative solutions in daily life. Creative writing also allows the developing writer to express themselves and their perspectives in a format that feels safe. Having a “voice” in their stories encourages self-expression and increased confidence in learners of all ages.
Writing strengthens organizational ability
Storytelling requires the writer to think about connections between characters, conflicts, themes and the world of the story. It also compels the writer to sequence events in a way that is understandable to the reader. The process strengthens the young writer’s ability to organize layers of information, a crucial skill in all areas of life.
Writing hones communicative skills
A good story includes creative thought, planning, organization and ultimately the ability to connect with one’s audience. Creative writing allows a learner to practice communicating their thoughts and, essentially, convincing the reader of their point of view.
Writing promotes mental health, decreasing stress
A study on the emotional and physical health benefits of creative writing found that just fifteen minutes of writing a day was enough to make a difference in the overall stress levels of students. This has also proven true for children who suffer from trauma. Creative storytelling facilitates the processing of events in a healthy and more effective way. For all of us, children included, creative writing provides an outlet that promotes emotional health and decreases stress.