Supporting Your Child's Writing

Bardsy has what you need (and more!) to help your student become a better writer.

Subjective Subjects are Difficult to Teach
It may surprise you to know that many highly trained English teachers find it difficult to teach creative writing. It can be difficult to deal with something so seemingly subjective. Unless, of course, your approach is based on process rather than end product. The Bardsy Method, created by a successful writer and educator, shows learners how to identify and develop key story elements and assemble them, one step at a time. It follows that if the process is strong, the product will be as well.
A Resource-Rich Program is Essential to Success
When we developed our program, we tried to think of everything. Our resources are meant to inform and guide your learner through every step of the process. We are especially proud of our integrated system, which revolves around the central premise of development and assembly. There is - literally - nothing else like it. Whether you want to jump start your learner’s writing of a simple story or support them as they take a deep dive into the joyful practice of creative writing, we have the tools to make it possible.
A Common Framework for Understanding Facilitates Dialog
The beauty of the Bardsy Method is that it takes the guesswork out of helping your child. A common framework for understanding the process of creative writing makes it easy to aid your learner, cheerlead successes, and constructively scaffold development in areas that might need further attention.