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Our Video Courses and Lessons
Our video courses, hosted by award-winning author Celeste Davidson are state-of-the-art and designed to engage your child in a way that is fun and accessible. Organized into thoughtful and manageable modules, courses feature examples from popular stories, as well as interactive brainstorms, exercises and reflections that scaffold the independent writing process.
Our Story Builder and Templates
The revolutionary Bardsy Story Builder allows your child to create their story, step-by-step, utilizing interactive building blocks, and provides support throughout the writing process.
Our Story Spinner
Our Story Spinner provides an inspirational boost with the best that technology can offer. This quirky prompt generator is a member favorite, and - importantly - encourages a playful approach to writing.
Learning should be fun
It is important to remember that students learn more effectively when they're having fun. We strive to create an engaging, age-appropriate learning environment for your child, where they can grow as writers, thinkers, and human beings.