Motivating Resistant Writers

Many middle and high school learners wrestle with writing. We aim to liberate your learner with easy-to-understand concepts, fun and helpful tools, and step-by-step guidance that increase confidence and motivation, while sparking curiosity and creativity.

If your child is a resistant writer, you are not alone
Studies show that learners often struggle with the executive function processes involved in writing. Many have trouble getting started because they feel overwhelmed. Some struggle with mechanics and the organization of writing. Others have difficulty developing thoughts fluently, keeping track of them and transferring them to the appropriate place.
What is perceived as resistance or even laziness, is actually more often a child in need of more concrete support. This is where Bardsy can help.
Bardsy provides support throughout the writing process
Interactive courses, taught by acclaimed author and educator Celeste Davidson, celebrate stories as vehicles for self-expression and creativity, and break writing down into an iterative process of development and assembly. Fun prompts, activities and templates help writers flesh out story elements one-by-one and in whatever order motivates them. And interactive tools record and store student work, providing a platform where writers can literally and figuratively manipulate content to create a wealth of possibilities. Crucially, every aspect of our system is directed toward the completion of stories learners can be proud of and motivated to revise with thoughtfulness.
Bardsy is innovative and individualized
Writing is a highly individual process that requires an equally individual approach. All learners have specific strengths and interests. Some might be interested in unique characters or complex storyworlds. Others might have a message they’re eager to share or a conflict they wish to explore. Still others are fans of a certain genre or plot device and would like to emulate it.
The Bardsy Method gives young writers the latitude to jump into the writing process wherever they want, while offering structure and a clear path to a well-written story. Our research shows just how successful this innovative combination of self-direction and structure can be.