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Bardsy’s customizable approach meets writers at their level
While stories typically have a linear trajectory, writing itself is not a linear process. It is a highly personal and iterative process that involves the synergistic development, assembly and revision of key story elements. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. In fact, many eager writers know this intuitively.
The Bardsy Method is based on this understanding, offering writers the latitude to jump into the writing process wherever they want, while offering structure and a clear path to a well-written story. Research shows that eager writers benefit greatly from this sort of approach.
Bardsy delivers award winning authors and educators
There are good teachers, and then there are great ones. Co-Founder Celeste Davidson is the award-winning and best-selling author of several children’s books, such as Who Was William Shakespeare, One Leaf Rides the Wind and The Queen’s Progress.
She is also a highly trained educator who has proudly taught middle and high school English and Creative Writing for the LAUSD and Children's Literature for UC Berkeley. The creator of the Bardsy method, Celeste holds a Masters in Teaching from the University of Southern California and is completing a PhD in Educational Technology at UC Santa Barbara.
Bardsy’s curriculum lets writers to build on their strengths
There are as many ways to teach creative writing as there are creative writing teachers. Surprisingly, very little rigorous academic research has been devoted to teaching the creative writing process. Against this landscape, the Bardsy team stands out.
As both academics and published authors we apply decades of research and experience to developing curious, creative and independent writers. It’s what we do best. Our research-based method focuses on reinforcing individual student strengths and developing the rest in interesting and innovative ways.