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At Bardsy, we are passionate about creative writing. Not just because we love a great story - and we do! But also because we understand that creative writing can be the key to success across so many areas of our children’s lives.

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The Bardsy Name
"It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of William Shakespeare, the most famous bard," Co-Founder Celeste Davidson explains, "but Who Was William Shakespeare? Is just part of the story. My first brush with the Bard was at the age of ten when I read Julius Caesar. Mrs. Elgin, my English teacher, had a way of breathing life into every subject and Shakespeare was no exception."
"I can remember her reading a scene from the play aloud, gesticulating dramatically, and changing the pitch of her voice as she read several different parts at once. Her love of his language was obvious as it tripped off her tongue, and quickly transmuted to us as we memorized and presented speeches of our own. Just as importantly, she made this four hundred year old play about a two thousand year old man COOL."
"Mrs. Elgin taught me the power of stories: to inspire, inform and entertain. Since there were already some rather grand marbles named after her, Adam and I decided to honor her muse instead. And since Shakespeare was irreverent and playful, we set a properly improper tone with Bardsy."
Meet Our Founders
Celeste Davidson was thinking about ways to motivate and inspire young people with limited access to consistent, high-quality educational resources. Adam Simon was researching ways to serve older adults who suffered from social isolation. Both had witnessed the devastating effects of social isolation and diminished agency within their own families, the results of illness and lack of mobility.
Celeste and Adam also shared the belief that stories are the currency of human interaction, with the potential to foster self-expression, self efficacy, and communal bonds. They decided to team up and develop a virtual community based around enjoying, creating and sharing stories: one open to people of all ages and abilities.
While Adam built the website, Celeste applied her writing and pedagogical skills to the development of a holistic creative writing curriculum. Together, they created Bardsy's unique Story Builder - a set of interactive templates and tools that can help anyone, from beginners to experienced writers, tell better stories. They also committed to maintaining a safe, supportive place for self-expression with a self-sustaining business model that rejects ads and invasions of privacy in favor of verifiable subscribers.
Celeste and Adam strive to constantly improve the site to meet the evolving needs of their members. Complacency is not in their vocabulary!
Celeste Davidson, Educational Director
An educator and author, Celeste is devoted to Bardsy’s mission of fostering community through creative expression and meaningful interaction. She has authored several award-winning and bestselling children’s books, including One Leaf Rides the Wind (Viking) and Who Was William Shakespeare? (Grosset & Dunlap). Writing led Celeste to teach Children’s Literature and Creative Writing with UC Berkeley and LAUSD. Currently working toward a PhD in Educational Technology at UC Santa Barbara; she also earned an MBA and Masters in Teaching from USC
Adam Simon, Director of Technology
Adam co-founded Bardsy as a way to foster communication and community online. A social scientist by training, he has taught statistics and politics at UCLA, the University of Washington and Yale University. He also attended MIT and has published two books: The Winning Message (Cambridge University Press) and Mass Informed Consent (Rowman and Littlefield), as well as many peer-reviewed articles.