Flexible Curriculum

Seize the Day Your Way

Do you need a quick targeted exercise, or would you prefer a comprehensive plan? Look no further. Our building block approach breaks the writing process down into manageable bits, and puts you in charge of your development.

Since all features are optional, take advantage of as many or as few as you like. What matters is progress as you define it. Pick and choose from our integrated resources and resources to fit your needs!

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All of Life's Opportunities Knock with Better Storytelling

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Stories are everywhere! Just try to get through a single day without telling one—whether recounting a childhood memory or relaying something funny that happened at the grocery store.
Even if you don’t become the next great American novelist (not ruling it out, btw!), storytelling is a lifelong skill, applicable to any path you choose. That’s because stories are the basis of all human interaction. Once you fully grasp this most common form of self-expression, your options will multiply.

Bardsy’s Instruction Adapts to Your Unique Talents and Goals

We rejoice in choice. That’s because one size doesn’t fit all—especially in trousers and writing strategies! Select as many individual targeted lessons and supplementary resources as you want, as you tailor a custom-made curriculum to your needs.
Our content can be mixed and matched to suit every skill level, age and writing goal. To torture this extended metaphor just a bit more, we think you’ll love our “bespoke” approach. It’s guaranteed to fit you to a tee!
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Turn Blank Pages into Pride with the Bardsy Method

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What’s the fastest way to give up on a story? Simple! The dreaded blank page. Even published authors can find the prospect of making something out of nothing daunting. The Bardsy Method, on the other hand, eases you into the process with a step-by-step, guided approach.
Turn your frustration into excitement as you focus on salient story elements first. In a blink you’ll become intrigued by the possibilities, rather than overwhelmed by them, the page blank no more.

Self-paced, Interactive Video Courses Fit Your Busy Schedule

Tired of trying to juggle writing with your hectic schedule? At Bardsy, you don’t have to work for your curriculum; it works for you. No tardy notes. No hall passes.
You can progress as quickly or as slowly as you like, and review any exercise, at any time, until you are comfortable with your understanding. The end result, in addition to five-star writing skills, is empowerment. When you’re ready to learn, class is in session!
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to do notes journal Tracking Update Assessment

Add tasks to your sortable list, then revel in checking them off.

Cache your gems in your virtual scratch pad.

Reflect on your process — good, bad and ugly — in your dated diary.

Measure your progress with key writing metrics, automatically,
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