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Kind, Constructive Peers = Strength

No great writer goes it alone. When you join Bardsy, you don’t just sign up for a website: you become a member of our creative community.

Writers thrive when they share work, give and receive constructive feedback (not the kind you get from friends and family!), and nurture cooperative relationships with other creatives. Consider Bardsy your ultimate writer’s cafe. Whether it’s through story discussion, live office hours or workshops, we can always do better, together.

Members form a supportive network of fellow writers

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Writers rarely succeed in a silo. Bardsy is the place to encounter other authors that will help move your own story forward, provide a critical lens to review your work and, ultimately, challenge you.
Our subscription model and community rules also guarantee that everyone on the site is invested in being good community members who provide kind and constructive feedback. Since our courses offer a common language to discuss stories, all members are on the same page.

Don't Just Dream: Make Publication A Reality At Bardsy Press

Ready to see your name in lights? Publish your completed stories in the Bardsy Library, which is accessible to all community members. And once you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can also submit your work to one of our anthologies. If your submission is selected, you’ll work with one of our editors to make it shine before it goes to press.
Each anthology is crafted around a particular theme, like holidays or other thematic elements, and published digitally. We also do a limited physical release of our anthologies, so hone those storytelling skills and you could find stories on your coffee table or someone else's.

Kick It Up A Notch With Office Hours and Live Workshops

We try to offer our services to as many writers as possible, that can lead to an anonymous experience. Sometimes you just need to sit down with someone and talk. The professor is in!
We offer live office hours with our author/educators, to all members, on a weekly basis. Pop by on a first-come, first-served basis, to ask questions, seek curricular guidance or simply chat with us about all things writing. We look forward to meeting you!

Progress To Writing Groups And Coaching By Invitation

If you’ve breezed through our courses and put in the work, it’s time to level up . Bardsy offers an 'elite' level by invitation. Twice a month, as an elite member, you meet with a writing group of talented peers. Here, you submit work and exchange kind, constructive feedback in facilitated video meetings.
Elite members also receive monthly “one-on-one” coaching sessions with one of our author/educators. This is a great way to maintain accountability by setting and monitoring goals. We’re rooting for you as you strive for your personal best! Our elite members say they can’t imagine how they managed before connecting with their workshop pals.
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